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Sun Charged PROTECTION Oil

Sun Charged PROTECTION Oil

Rosemary Averts negativity, brings good luck, calls in good spirits. used in healing poppets for good health, burned as incense for purification and removing negativity.

Anise Used to help ward off the evil eye, find happiness.  A sprig of Anise hung on the bedpost will restore lost youth. Use in protection and meditation incenses.

Cinnamon Spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, strength, and prosperity.

Cloves Magickal uses include protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought

Peppermint Use to increase the vibrations of a space or in spells and incense for healing & purification

Geranium Oil

Overcoming negative things

Frankincense Successful ventures, cleansing, purification. Burn for protective work, consecration, Etc.....

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